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Lanaudiere Alarm System

Replace your old security system with a secure one

Stay connected and receive important event alerts to stay informed; sent to multiple recipients

Secure Alarm System

Remote control your home security

Unlike your old alarm system, this one is fully secure. Very unlikely any burglars can defeat it. Its user interface is very easy to use.

Embedded cellular communicator for a safe connection, independent of your cellphones, via the closest cell tower in your area.
Wi-Fi capability for use as dual-path backup.
The alarm system starter kit includes 2 door contacts and 1 motion detector.
Additional sensors, life safety, and house damage prevention devices are available.
The panel is preprogrammed for your needs.

Wi-Fi Video Cameras

Safe online viewing & recording

Best integrated with our home alarm system for a more efficient security system. Can also be used as stand-alone video surveillance.

Excellent HD image quality with High Dynamic Range capability.
Each camera has a power adapter that plugs directly into a wall power outlet.
Doorbell camera with live intercom via phone.
Smart indoor infrared HD security camera.
Smart outdoor infrared HD security camera.
180° camera with microphone & speakers.

Smart Home Devices

Improved home security & saving

Smart-Home Devices

Best integrated with our home alarm system or with our various WI-FI cameras for energy saving and increased home security.

Smart door lock with numeric buttons.
Remote controllable smart light bulbs.
Smart wall receptable or wall switches.
Smart appliance or lamp plugin module.
Vehicle garage door opener remote access.
Smart central furnace 24-volt thermostat.
Smart baseboard heater 240-volt thermostat.

Use on any smartphones, tablets, PC, or Mac computers.

Free DIY installation is available for tech-savvy people.

User Interaction

Stay in the know at all times

Interactive Home Alarm
Subscription @ $20 / month
Event alert notifications to multiple users via email, text, or phone push popups.
Remotely peek at the overall system status.
Remote arming or disarming via our mobile application, any computer, or tablet.
Arming reminders through geo virtual fence.
Remotely view your security zones activity.
Get an instant notification whenever the panel detects a power outage at your house.

Video Platform

Do you have any proof?

Quad video surveillance
Subscription @ $10 / month
Get instant video alerts upon an alarm from your smart security alarm panel, if present.
Up to 8,000 free motion-triggered recording clips in the clouds every month.
Capture motion only in specific areas of a camera’s view, to avoid unwanted areas.
Unlimited live video feeds off the cameras.
Instantly see and talk to a visitor via the doorbell intercom capability, from afar.
Get an alert if someone disconnects a camera.

Home Automation

Deterrence & energy savings

Smart home automation
Subscription @ $3 / month
Turn on all lights on and off and even a loud radio when an intruder breaks in.
Turn on lights automatically when you’re coming back home within a certain distance.
Set your alarm system to arm itself when someone locks the door or vice versa.
The security panel can use its own artificial intelligence to help you safe energy, such as lowering your thermostats automatically.
Smart automation scene creation is only limited to your imagination.

Basic Alarm Central

3rd-party alarm monitoring service

Alarm monitoring station
Subscription @ $15 / month
Alarm system starter kit @ $850 upfront.
A live 24/7 dispatcher tries to reach you when an incident occurs at your home, then they call first responders if needed.
If they can’t reach you on the spot, the dispatcher tries to reach others on your contact list to let them know of the alarm.
3rd-party alarm monitoring Centrals (utilized by most local alarm companies) have zero responsibility towards your home alarm equipment and the installed software.
Add $10 / month for ongoing equipment extended warranty, parts, and labor.

Premium Alarm Monitoring Centers

Fully-owned alarm monitoring company with centers across Canada.

Alarm monitoring station
Subscription @ $17 / month
Emergency first responders
Police • Firefighters • Ambulance
Free secure alarm system starter kit @ $0 on a credit-approved term contract.
The first surveillance camera is free if you subscribe to the video platform as well.
3 free security sensors and 1 smart device if you subscribe to the Home Automation plan.
All equipment installed (security, life-saving and damage-control devices; cameras and smart devices) is always warrantied (parts & labor) during your entire subscription.
Eligible for cancellation only after the first year. Cancellation fees may apply to help pay for the free equipment supplied.
Get up to $1,000 of insurance payout every year against your home insurance franchise. Proof of break-in is needed via police report. The alarm system must have been armed!
The alarm central is fully insured for any burglary financial loss due to equipment failure or software mishaps.
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